In 1997 august 22, there were several reports by multiple airplanes, astronomers and air control authorities that an UFO flew into earth’s atmosphere and landed on the jungles of the amazonas in colombian territory, it was quickly recovered by goverment authorities to avoid falling in the hands of natives and was handed over to NASA, the discovery of this information by mainstream media was quick and since its discovery it became worldwide news, and a hot topic for months. After its recovery several bright minds have started traveling to study the magnificent sphere from space.

The UFO in question is a 2 meter tall metalic sphere color green neon and several small circular lights around it giving out more different shades of green, with bottom a bit darker transitioning to the top being of lighter shade, speakers on its 2 sides and 2 symbols that appear to be alien letters. it contains a small rectangle screen that puts words in a particular format. the screen shows a series of binary numbers, that transform into a series of letters forming an english name, a dash and another series of words, because of its 2 speakers it is assumed this is a typical “artist – song name” format of human music, this has lead to the use of music as a way to study the artifact.

The speakers around the sphere create a tune that can be detected but not heard by human hears,the tune, according to several computer experts forms the code neccesary to be inputed into a musical device, transforming it into one part of the song in the screen. It took scientists and engineers 17 years, 9 months and 19 days since the first report of its contact with planet earth to go trough all the neccesary steps to translate all the tunes given by the machine into one song, the goverment saw potential, and gave NASA a massive funding to continue operations of decoding the machine.

Organization Sierra811 was created to carry on deciphering and cataloguing of the machine codenamed “Sierra811”.

Sierra811 is sort of like a scientist’s mad house lair, there is several experiments everywhere, some aren’t finished, others barely polished. every pseudonym represents a different musical mind, a different production approach with a different sound, appeal and even image, but they all respond to me as their creator. If you stick around as a fan just beware that the next album that comes out might not be what you expect, an OG Maco verse set to a whitehouse sample and CAN drums. After everything im a producer first.

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